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2015 Transportation Master Plan

The Transportation Master Plan (TMP) is expected to be completed by the end of 2015. It will serve as the basis for determining future upgrades to the City’s transportation network. The recommendations will include short and long term recommended Capital Plans for budgeting purposes. The Transportation Master Plan was awarded to ISL Engineering, on March 9, 2015 by Council.

In addition to looking at the transportation network as a whole for future planning horizons, the Transportation Master Plan includes a number of additional tasks, including the following:

Reviewing available collision data to identify those locations with the highest number of incidents

Review the City
cheap ray bans truck route network

Undertake a system wide review of the City major pedestrian / cyclist circulation system and identify gaps, continuity issues
cheap ray bans and requirements for new links

Complete a functional review of 44 Street (Highway 16) through the City.

Household Travel Survey

The City Planning and Engineering Team,
discount ray bans along with Bannister Research, is conducting the survey to learn about driving patterns within the city. The survey launches
cheap ray ban outlet May 19, 2015 with a telephone survey of 700 random households within Lloydminster and surrounding area.

The focus of the survey will be to collect travel characteristics specific to the Lloydminster community, including: trip generation, origin destination pairing and travel patterns between Lloydminster and surrounding areas.

Bannister Research is working with the City to conduct this survey. All feedback gathered from the Household Travel Survey will be used in developing the TMP.Articles Connexes:

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Molester jailed for violating court order

Michael Ray O 51, pleaded guilty Monday in Halifax provincial court to a charge of breaching the supervision order by failing to follow a treatment plan deemed appropriate by his parole officer.

Judge Michael Sherar imposed the jail time on top of the 280 days that
cheap ray bans O had been in custody since his arrest last
discount ray bans February, when he was living at a halfway house.

In December 2001, O was declared a long term offender and placed under a 10 year supervision order that bans him from, among other things, being around children. That order
replica ray bans came into effect in June 2006, at the end of his
cheap ray ban outlet 4 prison sentence.

In 2008, he was sentenced to 28 months in prison for breaching that order by developing a secret relationship with a young boy and his mother.

The Parole Board of Canada released O to a halfway house in Halifax Regional Municipality in March 2011. At the time, police warned the public that the chances of him reoffending were high.

O was only at the halfway house for a short time before he was arrested and jailed again for breaching his supervision order by attending Sunday services at a Halifax church where a number of children were present.Articles Connexes:

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200 job losses approved by councillors in Southampton From Daily Echo

The axe has come down on 226 jobs mainly in the council’s adult social care department although Labour insist some people affected will be transferred
discount ray bans to the Better Care initiative between the council and the CCG,
replica ray bans which starts in April.

The decision means that almost 300 positions will be axed this year when other cuts already approved are taken into account.

The budget also included the confirmation of the closures of Woodside Lodge care home, Kentish Road respite centre and day services for people with learning disabilities.

The final decision on their future came earlier this year, although council leader Simon Letts gave his assurance that no service would be closed unless suitable alternatives were found for the vulnerable residents affected.

Cabinet member for finances Stephen Barnes Andrews said: "The first and overriding duty of legal duty of members is to weigh the needs of service users against those of tax payers it is very, very challenging.

"Local government over the last four to five years has taken the largest hit next to benefits, and I have a great deal of affection
cheap ray bans for
replica ray ban sunglasses local government, and it causes me great sadness to bring a budget like this."

Saying Government funding cuts were leading to the current’s current predicament, his party colleague Andrew Pope added: "we are facing a very difficult situation in how to run this council."

Conservative opposition finance spokesman John Hannides accused Labour of having a "despicable record" and told them: "you turned your back on the elderly, the vulnerable, the young, you cut funding for the libraries and bus users.Articles Connexes:

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I am unhappy with my job

The obvious guidance most of us received was to prepare for CAT and aim to get into a good business school which would guarantee us a job at the end of it.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised the nation that he will help youngsters find jobs, I was very hopeful.

I was hoping the PM would introduce employment schemes or career development cells for commerce and arts graduates.

Forget jobs, I had difficulty finding a decent internship to start with.

After completing my graduation, I registered myself on several job sites and lost count of the copies of CV I shared with my friends, seniors and neighbours asking them to recommend me for a job or internship in their organisation.

When I tried following up, either they’d
replica Michael Kors outlet tell me there are no openings or they’d complain I don’t have relevant experience to start with.

I told them I was willing to work for free like an intern, but at least give me a chance to develop skills and prove myself.

I appeared for a few interviews too, but in the HR round, the managers wanted to know why I did not have any work
cheap Michael Kors experience.

Some of the companies wanted to know if I had coding and programming skills. I did not know what to do.

My friends suggested that I pursue CA or MBA to improve my prospects.

I did not want to become a CA or pursue MBA because everyone else was doing it.

I wanted to work for at least a year to
replica Michael Kors handbags know what I was good at and what domain I should master in.

I continued to visit the career sites of leading companies and e mailed my CV, but I never got a call or reply from them.

Michael Kors discounts few months later, some of my friends and neighbours started avoiding me.

Maybe they thought I would bug them to find a job.

In fact I just wanted to get some good career advice, but all doors
cheap michael kors seemed to close on me.

In our society, if a graduate is not employed, s/he is a burden to the family.

Even my parents would get annoyed at me for silly things. At one point, they even wanted me to
cheap Michael Kors outlet get married.

I am just 21 and I immediately
cheap Michael Kors rejected the option.

In December 2014, I told my parents that I would like to pursue an MBA.

They told me that they will not pay for my CAT coaching.

Instead, they wanted me to appear for UPSC and banking exams which according
fake Michael kors handbags outlet to them would offer a secure career.

I had already wasted almost a year looking for a job and did not want to spoil any more time just writing exams.

I realised that I am on my own now and I had to find a job, irrespective of whether it interested me or not.

In January 2015, much against my parents’ wishes, I appeared for a BPO job interview and after four rigorous rounds of interview, I got selected.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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How To Set Up a Box Joint Jig

One simple alternative to the more popular dovetail joint is the box joint. Both joints are classic and have sturdy methods to connect two pieces of stock. There are different ways to cut box joints, and you could do it using a dovetail saw and chisel. But if you don’t like to cut the fingers by hand, a simpler choice is to use a box joint jig.

Here’s how you can machine the fingers of the joint:

Decide what width you want each finger to be and arrange the stacked dado set to match that width. The depth of the cut should be set to the same height as the stock’s thickness.

After that, attach a scrap piece of stock onto your miter gauge. Make sure that the scrap is wide enough so that
Michael Kors handbags outlet it extends past the blade when attached to the miter gauge. When wide enough, it should be at least an inch past the
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet blade and at
replica Michael Kors outlet least two inches past the left side of the miter gauge.

Check if the miter gauge, with the fastened piece of scrap stock, is square to the blade. Run the scrap through the saw.

Now you can remove the scrap from the gauge. Bring it to
cheap Michael Kors outlet the right twice the width of the fingers, and attach it onto the miter gauge again.

Cut a stock piece with the same width as the fingers, which will fit into the
Michael Kors discounts space you cut into the scrap. But as for the length, this piece should be at least twice as long as the work pieces’ width.

With a wood screw from the bottom, attach the resulting piece in the notch of the scrap. Arrange it so that it comes forward from the scrap facing the saw blade. Now this will serve as a gauge for cutting the fingers.

Check if
Michael kors handbags outlet the miter is still square to the blade. Flick on the
Cheap Michael Kors handbags saw and cut a new notch in the scrap, maintaining its current position.

You now have set up a box joint jig. Start running your work pieces through the saw. Cut notches until all of the work piece’s fingers are formed.

Apply a thin layer of glue to assemble box joints. Do this on all joint surfaces and slide the joint together. You can clamp it if necessary. Box joints are best for making box like structures like drawers or large wooden storage boxes.
fake Michael Kors This type of joinery is a strong and useful one, but may pose a little challenging. There are several factors that can affect the precision of the box joints. Bad alignment of the blade to the miter slot, blade sharpness and botched miter gauges, including the manner of pushing the box joint jig through the dado blade, can influence the quality of the box joint jig.

But do not worry; you can work around these issues by simply following the steps mentioned here. Ensure that your materials are in good condition and remember that measurement accuracy is very important.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Little Pink Books Give Hope to Cancer Patients

Breast cancer is an all to common occurrence that affects millions of individuals and their families each and every day. For many, it may seem as though hope diminishes after being diagnosed with breast cancer. This series of books discusses a range of topics, from helping children cope with loss due
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet to cancer to helping
Michael Kors outlet them deal with the disastrous effects of Alzheimer s in their grandparents. Both projects have one purpose: to spread hope and happiness to families confronting the toughest journeys.

Maryann and her organization, Hope Matters, have partnered with Little Pink Houses of Hope to inspire family connection through reading. Little Pink Houses of Hope provides week long vacations to breast cancer patients and their families for absolutely no cost in order to help them through one of life’s toughest journeys. Maryann would like to
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet send 100 copies of her book, When Your Mom Has Cancer, to summer beach retreats being hosted by Little Pink Houses of Hope. Reading has been shown to foster connections between people, so what better way to inspire
Michael Kors handbag outlet families at these beach
Michael Kors handbags outlet retreats?

Sending books isn t free. For this reason, Maryann and Hope Matters are asking for sponsorships
Michael Kors handbags outlet from people who want to make a difference in a cancer patient s life. While perhaps unfamiliar to some, The Little Pink Book series has been proven to inspire hope and provide comfort to both cancer patients
cheap Michael Kors handbags and their families across the world with an international audience of readers. What better feeling is there than knowing that your very own contribution has given a breast cancer patient and her family moments of happiness? For just $16, you can send one copy of When Your Mom Has Cancer to a cancer patient in need of a spark of hope and happiness. If the fundraising goal is exceeded, Maryann has pledged to send even more copies of When Your Mom Has Cancer to retreats with Little Pink Houses of Hope.

Although Maryann s current campaign is directed towards breast cancer patients and their families, her organization, Hope Matters, works to help families journeying through various conditions. For example, they have facilitated the creation of "neighborhood memory cafes" to encourage families coping with Alzheimer s and other types of dementia to experience the arts and come together as a community. Hope Matters also support military children whose parents are on deployment or have been injured. It is absolutely amazing how much good can come from
discount Michael Kors one woman s passion for helping others.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Coolum Beach Weather

Featured Real Estate

Lot 1/ 1 Raptor Place, Pelican Waters 4551

Date Listed 22 Jun, 2015
cheap michael kors The owners have decided it’s time to go, the high seas are calling
cheap Michael Kors them. Move into Pelican Waters most exclusive and best address. This architectural four bedroom.13 Midden
Michael Kors handbags Place, Pelican Waters 4551

Date Listed 22 Jun, 2015 Designed with thought and
Michael Kors handbags outlet quality

Comprising of 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms

Centrally located kitchen with granite bench tops

Open plan with three separate.280 Old Palmwoods Road, Palmwoods 4555

Date Listed 22 Jun, 2015 In the heart of Palmwoods, this fabulous open plan residence stands as the centrepiece of this 4,001m2 (one acre) of prime fertile land.

The spacious living.40 Pathara Road, North Arm
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet 4561

Date Listed 22 Jun, 2015 Exceptionally private nestled in the centre of 33 acres of a mixture of natural timbers and open paddocks, this large classic Queenslander offers traditional style.’Views’ Wedgetail (Off Karnu Dr) Court, Ninderry 4561

Date Listed 22 Jun, 2015 Imagine waking up to natures artistry every morning as the sun rises over the pacific
Michael Kors handbags outlet ocean or alternatively watching the moon and sparkling coastal lights.6a Somerset Drive, Buderim 4556

Date Listed 22 Jun, 2015 Sharing the hilltop with a selection of Buderim’s finest, 6A Somerset presents a 1,641m2 landscape of north facing ocean and hinterland views featuring an.21 Mayfield Street, Buderim 4556

Date Listed 22 Jun, 2015 Positioned in an excellent street on a level 840sqm allotment, this original Buderim home is ideal for renovation and offers its new owner the opportunity to.38 Lindsay Road, Buderim 4556

Date Listed 22 Jun, 2015 All the boxes are ticked
Michael Kors discounts for Buderim living and
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet with many of the true ‘on top’ locations being taken by astute buyers with a clear picture for the future, this is.Articles Connexes嚗�

Articles Connexes:

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